Ken Black

There’s no question that the choices we make will define who we are. However, God intercedes along the way to suit His purpose. My testimony reports how I ignored God for the first 46 years of my life, but He clearly did not ignore me. He saw to it that I should experience some personal hardship so that humility came easier. A dose of spiritual awakening quickly followed, and I went to my knees before Him. From that point forward, everything changed.

Education & Life Experience:

Growing up in West Texas helped me appreciate my family’s heritage, but I was restless and eager to find adventure. As a “fish” at Texas A&M in 1969, I was a great cadet but a lousy student. I lost my draft deferment and entered the military in 1970. That same year, I married Susan. Military life for a young, married airman was really tough. We became parents of two special girls before I went off to pilot training. Over 22 years in the Air Force, we experienced life overseas in Asia, Latin America, and Europe. We adopted our son Matthew while serving in the Philippines. Many deployments kept me away from family, and we ultimately settled in Manhattan, KS. It was there that we discovered Jesus Christ.

This Jesus called us to leave Kansas for the mission field, and we served the Samburu people in Northern Kenya for 10 years. This was a time of unparalleled blessing and suffering, but the suffering brought us an awareness of God’s sovereignty and power that we could not possibly have seen from life in the Midwest. A Master’s degree from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University was traded for Bible College during that same time frame and pastoral ministry replaced aviation for a while.

Now, as we speak…

My 68 years have passed quickly, Over 20 of those years was lived overseas, and our cross-cultural experience has been truly unique. We are settled now in San Antonio, where I am employed with Port San Antonio. Our ministry in Northern Kenya continues to thrive by God’s blessing and serving as an Elder with Vista Community Church offers me a different perspective regarding the local church body I serve.

I am blessed to be a husband to a wonderful woman of God for 48 of those years. We adopted our biological grandsons, Robert and Joseph about the same time that we came to Christ. With five children and 4 grandchildren our blessings continue to flow. Praise God for His providence over our lives!

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